We assist our clients in a variety of ways

What We Do & How We Do It

Full Service Management: Includes all of the below.

We will provide monthly onsite inspections using a checklist specific to each property.  This includes pictures, notes, and an estimate for each repair.

* Accounts Receivable
* Accounts Payable
* Monthly Bank Reconciliation
* Customized Monthly Financial Reports
* Impounding for Reserves
* Online payments, portals, and communication

how we do it

You supply your tenants with our phone number, and the phone is answered 24/7 live. The vendors that you select, in the order you want them called, is exactly how we’ll do it.

* Minor Day To Day Repairs
* Construction – Larger projects
* Landscaping
* Pressure Washing
* Other Examples: Parking lot repair, monthly light checks, facilities, and more